Joana Ardelean
Dodging Burnout And Thriving

Joana Ardelean

During our session we'll discuss:

- What burnout is and the signs we're headed in that direction (or are already there)
- Joana's experience with burn out, and how she's bounced back into a place of thriving 
- What underlies the constant pressure and stress that we feel (which can lead to burnout)
- How to achieve work-life balance given all the demands on our time, our ambitions, and responsibilities we may have. Isn't burnout ust a necessary evil of wanting to "have it all"?

- Joana's advice for empowering ourselves, and others, to get to a place of genuine self-love and acceptance

Joana Ardelean is a human resources executive, coach, speaker and writer, and a proud Romanian with rich traditions filled with faith. She strives for mastery in her field, is an award winner, is triple certified and has a graduate degree in Human Resource Management.

Joana spent almost two decades at industry giants such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, RR Donnelley, and different local government agencies. But her passion shines through when she is helping high performing women struggling with burnout and overwhelm at work and at home. Ardelean loves to show ambitious professionals the incredible life of flow, calm and ease that’s possible on the other side of their struggle and help them get there. Her coveted framework is now published in her book: “Burnout 911: The Ultimate Guide to Work-Life Balance.”

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