Lisa Dahl
Social Media Wellness

Lisa Dahl

During our session, we'll discuss:

- Ways that social media can be harmful to our body image
- Practices and habits we can put into place to protect our body image and sense of self-worth when engaging with and consuming social media content
- Lisa's top tips to achieve body peace and acceptance when overcoming the toxic messages from diet culture, the fitness industry, and at times the healthcare industry
- Lisa's advice for empowering ourselves, and others, to get to a place of genuine self-love and acceptance​

Lisa Dahl is a certified Health and Well-Being Coach specializing in Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, and Body Image. Her hallmark emphasis on mindfulness and self-compassion helps women find a successful pathway to whole-body wellness. With compassion and expertise, she supports her clients as they discover "Body Peace & Food Freedom" on their journey to break free from dieting and diet culture. Her clients achieve a higher level of well-being as Lisa guides them through visioning, goal setting, and accountability.

Lisa has certifications in Intuitive Eating, Mindful Eating, health and wellness coaching, and personal training. She is a skilled group facilitator with credentials from The Body Positive and, and is presently preparing for the National Board Certification for Health and Wellness Coaches.


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