Olesha Haskett
A Personal Love Letter

Olesha Haskett

During our session, we'll discuss:

- What boudoir photography is and how it can affect our abilities to embrace our bodies as they are now
- The role pleasure plays in the overall quality of our lives
- The difference between sensuality and sexuality, and where they fit in when discussing embracing ourselves
- What radical self-care is and how to incorporate it into our lives
- Olesha's advice for empowering ourselves, and others, to get to a place of genuine self-love and acceptance

Olesha is a speaker, boudoir educator, and published author with a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Master’s in Business Administration! She has over 10 years of experience as a professional photographer. My purpose in life is to guide Black womxn in their journey of self-love, beauty, and pleasure. This is accomplished by sharing my own story of redefining antiquated beauty standards and centering my pleasure. At the same time, offering a soft space for Black Womxn to define their version of sensuality and sexuality through workshops, retreats, collaborations, and boudoir experiences. 

In 2019 she founded The Coterie Noir, formerly Boudoir For Black Womxn, an educational community for Black boudoir photographers around the globe. The Coterie Noir is now an inclusive educational boudoir community that is fundamentally changing how Black womxn’s essence is captured by the broader boudoir photography community. We host ongoing professional development, educational workshops, and retreats led by Black educators on posing strategic marketing, embodiment, etc.


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1) What are you most excited to learn from the Embrace Your Body Now summit? 

2) What’s your #1 question or struggle when it comes to embracing yourself as you are now, and loving the skin you're in? (The more specific, the better!)

Post your questions and takeways from the sessions below as well. Thank you!

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