Christina Premutati
Seperating Weight From Our     Self-Worth

Christina Premutati

During our session, we'll discuss:

- The diet industry's profits skyrocketed during COVID - what were the factors which led to that?
- How we can actually unsubscribe from diet culture
- What the "comparison trap" is, what the consequences of it are, and how to deal with it
- How we can separate our weight from our self-worth
- How we can incorporate self-care into our lives when there is so much that we need to DO, and not enough time to do it all
- Christina's advice for empowering ourselves, and others, to get to a place of genuine self-love and acceptance​

Christina Premutati is a Certified Health and Life Coach who is passionate about helping women professionals overcome emotional eating, come home to their bodies, and reclaim their lives from food obsession.

Throughout her life, Christina struggled with disordered eating, body image, and self-acceptance. As a young dieter, she believed that depriving herself was the only way to be healthy and that the number on the scale determined her self-worth. As a result, she was constantly in a shame cycle of restricting, bingeing, and comfort eating. After years of going around in circles, Christina finally found a solution and realized that her challenges with food and body stemmed from the relationship she had with herself. From that moment, she was able to create a path toward healing. Now, her mission is to help as many women as she can in their journeys to food freedom.

Using a holistic approach to health rooted in behavior change practices, Christina teaches her clients how to reconnect with their bodies, eat with confidence, and nourish themselves from the inside-out.


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