Elisa Boogaerts 
Go After It With Confidence

Elisa Boogaerts

During our session, we'll discuss:

- Elisa's definition of confidence and why to bother assessing our levels of confidence
- The importance of boundaries, especially as it relates to realizing our worth
- The role "me time" plays in truly loving the skin we're in
- The power of visualization and affirmations, and how we can easily incorporate these practices into our lives
- Elisa's advice for empowering ourselves, and others, to get to a place of genuine self-love and acceptance

Elisa is the founder of Inspiration By Elisa, a Transformational Speaker, and a certified Life Coach and Health Coach who specializes in confidence. Elisa’s passion is to help people confidently be themselves, realise their own worth and boost their self-confidence to go after what they want in their life. Her mission is to empower people to make a positive change in their lives so they can be happy.


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2) What’s your #1 question or struggle when it comes to embracing yourself as you are now, and loving the skin you're in? (The more specific, the better!)

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